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Two-winged fruit, rainforest friendly skincare, was created due to founder Dr Maretta Mann’s struggle to find palm oil free skincare products.

Maretta is driven by a vision to tread gently on the Earth and to help others do the same.

 You can choose to donate 10% of your Two-Winged Fruit purchase to OFI Australia by using the coupon code ICARE at the checkoutThrough purchasing Two-winged fruit’s beautiful skin care products you are caring for your skin and the orangutans! You can purchase Two-Winged fruit’s luxurious creations at their online shop www.twowingedfruit.com.au.

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Two-Winged Fruit’s mission is to

  • provide a palm oil free 100% natural, environmentally sustainable and ethical skincare range
  • raise awareness about palm oil, and other industries that cause rainforest destruction
  • support worthy charitable projects to protect rainforest and rainforest wildlife.

Two-Winged Fruit has created every day products that are kind to the planet and kind to you. You can be sure that the ingredients that go into Two-Winged Fruit’s products are from environmentally and socially responsible sources. Unlike many skin care products, theirs

  • are certified palm oil free
  • feature Australian grown ingredients, to support local producers and for a reduced carbon footprint
  • feature Australian native ingredients
  • contain certified organic ingredients
  • are 100% natural
  • are safe for you and your family – no “nasties”
  • are scented naturally with divine essential oils
  • are Australia made

Oh, and did we mention they also smell and feel awesome on your skin?

Two-Winged Fruit’s founder, Maretta, says

“I was so excited to discover OFI Australia, as their values really resonate with me. I passionately believe that wild animals have the right to live peacefully in their natural environment. To know that virgin rainforest is being destroyed, without consideration for all the animals that live there, deeply troubles me. OFI Australia’s approach to their work is just outstanding, and I am so proud to support them.”

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