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Caron Light

Caron’s affinity for animals and nature is grounded in a youth spent in country NSW. She has travelled extensively and consciously throughout the world, and now lives in rural Gold Coast hinterland in a straw bale home she and her husband built themselves.

In 2013 Caron travelled to Borneo with OFI Australia President Kobe Steele on an OFIA Borneo Orangutans eco tour. Caron’s love of the Orangutan was cemented the moment she laid eyes on Siswi, the matriarch of Camp Leakey, a profound experience and one never to be forgotten. Ever since her first visit, Caron has raised funds for OFI Australia through her own market initiatives and through volunteering at various fundraising events.

Caron and her husband sold their Organic business in late 2022 … and now having time to devote to the cause, Caron joined the Board in 2023 hoping to help affect greater change for the environment and the animals for which she has such a deep affiliation.

Along with her deep commitment to conservation and the welfare of all animals, Caron brings to the Board a wealth of experience in markets, fundraising, organisation and an amazingly grounded nature.