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Ten, eleven, twelve… Hockey’s caregiver counts out the remaining banana peels from the pile Hockey has ravenously eaten. Hockey hugs close to her banana shaped pillow at the end of the day. She takes a bite out of this but, unfortunately, it has no nourishing potassium within it. As the sun sets you can see in Hockey’s eyes that she is reflecting on the day’s events.

Throughout the day Hockey watches the other orangutans in the nearby sleeping enclosures with bemused detachment. They crash and bounce around so frenetically. Unlike them Hockey, like a chloroformed snail, takes things slowly and that is just the way she likes it. The walls of her sleeping enclosure are like a TV set with three channels. Hockey can change the channel by simply looking in different directions. She can observe her fellow orangutans or look out into the trees nearby to see if there is any other type of flora or fauna worth her time. Sometimes something will catch her attention but normally Hockey’s mind is elsewhere. Her imagination is not shackled by any earthly problems. She is playing inside her head. Inside she is dancing. Hockey still enjoys listening to music and her song of choice this week: Electric Light Orchestra – Don’t Bring Me Down!

As the day wears on Hockey’s caregiver enters her sleeping enclosure to sit with her and spend some quality time. Hockey reaches up and wraps her right arm around her caregiver pulling them in closer. She opens her mouth expectantly. She can’t enjoy quite as many sweet treats, such as pineapple jam, anymore as we want to make sure her teeth stay healthy but she has plenty to distract her. She is never happier than when she is being fanned and doted on.

So after an especially good day and a satisfying meal of bananas a look of contentment crosses her face as she drifts off for a peaceful night’s sleep. We look forward to updating you on more days like this.

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