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February 2020 – Buddy

At the end of September OFI began work on a one-hectare enclosure for Buddy and his friends. A forested site was selected and measured. Local workers have been hired to carry out the construction.

February 2020 – Tommy

There has been a world of change for Tommy of late. He has been moved from his familiar home Pondok Dua over to a new Pondok (camp) where he has started the next stage

February 2020 – Ryan

With orangutans actions always speak louder than words and through his actions we get to know Ryan very well. Over the last six months Ryan’s self-confidence has only grown stronger. He is not a

February 2020 – Kobe

On a hot day Kobe is looking for a way to cool off. During the dry season that can be a hard task. She finds the shade of the playground a good starting point.

February 2020 – Jeffrey Junior

Jeffrey Jr is a happy and energetic little orangutan. From time to time he does suffer from the seizures that have been with him since his arrival. Thankfully they are very infrequent now, but

February 2020 – Holland

Life has settled into a nice little routine for Holland. Her daily visits to forest school start with Holland navigating down a well-trodden path to her favourite stand of trees. As ever she has

February 2020 – Hockey

Hockey is always ready to host any guest that drops by. Like any self-respecting Indonesian she will expect you to leave your shoes/boots/sandals at the door before entering her boudoir. There are no rules

February 2020 – Charlie

Charlie is a force to be reckoned with and lately he has been quite a handful. He remains active and full of energy. One way to occupy him and use up some of that

February 2020 – Carmen

It is sheer poetry watching Carmen swinging high up in the trees. She has a poise and élan that her fellow orangutans often lack. Carmen as ever doesn’t like to keep her feet on

February 2020 – Amelia

Amelia remains a somewhat aloof figure amongst her fellow infants and it takes time for her to open up. She eschews the forest preferring the comfortingly familiar area of the playground. Here she has