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August 2020 – Buddy

2020 started out with much to celebrate. The one-hectare forest bear enclosure was finished. It had been kitted out with hammocks, platforms, other enrichment and was ready for occupation. Malayan sun bear orphan Buddy

August 2020 – Tommy

The last six months has seen Tommy settle into a nice routine. He has finally made himself quite at home at his new Pondok (camp) facility. He still journeys far into the forest but

August 2020 – Ryan

Ryan continues to grow and demonstrate his perspicacity daily. A release with Ryan can be a hectic affair. It can be a little disorientating as he is as fast as lightening. On daily releases

August 2020 – Kobe

Kobe’s keepers will proudly proclaim Kobe is the fastest orangutan in all of the Care Centre (out of 300 if the wounded wild orangutans being treated for their injuries are included). They enjoy seeing

August 2020 – Jeffrey Junior

Jeffrey Jr continues to be an inventive and resourceful orangutan. If he is presented with a collection of branches and leaves, he will arrange them into various patterns on the ground. These are the

August 2020 – Holland

In the tranquil surroundings of Camp Danielle, sweet Holland is awash in her own small oasis, safe from all the troubles of the world. Here it easy to forget the tragic circumstances of her

August 2020 – Hockey

The last six months have gone by in the wink of an eye for Hockey, our resident lady of leisure. She remains lively and alert as she watches the comings and goings of Pondok

August 2020 – Charlie

Charlie has two sides to his personality. In his sleeping enclosure he is ever so nice and sweet. He reaches his arms out to try and grab anything nearby and presents his hands for

August 2020 – Carmen

Out in the forest Carmen’s climbing resembles aerial yoga as she hangs gracefully in the trees. In her sleeping enclosure she sometimes practices spinning around the middle supporting beam like a pole dancer. Her

August 2020 – Amelia

Amelia is still her endearingly irascible self. She continues to demonstrate that she doesn’t do things by half, as she fixes all those around her with an intense stare. There have been big changes