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We couldn’t be happier to hear the news that iconic Australian chocolate company Darrell Lea has become 100% palm oil free across their entire range!

And how cool is their new television commercial!?

We are so grateful that Darrell Lea chose to go palm oil free rather than going down the easier “sustainable” palm oil path. It’s not that we have anything against the concept of “sustainable” palm oil except that in reality, at this time, it doesn’t exist, regardless of what some companies may claim. Sustainable palm oil may be coming one day, but companies now pledging to be “sustainable” haven’t returned the tropical rainforests that they destroyed to establish their palm oil plantations. So how can these plantations claim to be “sustainable”? Restitution for the deforestation of the past is necessary for the sustainability of palm oil in the future.

Orangutans wait for the day when sustainable palm oil truly exists! Until that day comes, we believe the best palm oil is no palm oil.

On behalf of orangutans and all the endangered species who share their rainforest home, we thank you Darrell Lea. You are helping to save many precious lives.