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Darek Figa
Darek Figa

Born in Poland and lives in Australia, Darek has had rich exposure to culture, travel and wildlife and has worked in zoos and wildlife sanctuaries, the animal research industry, animal nutrition, wildlife rescue, education, and as an animal welfare officer.

As founder of ENRICH – an eco-volunteer organisation, Darek now runs programs to assist injured or displaced animals held across Indo-Malay rescue centres. Since 2007 Darek has worked on various projects across Borneo, Sulawesi, Java, Malaysia and India applying behavioural enrichment techniques to improve captive animal welfare for elephants, sun bears, orangutans, various birds, snakes, crocodiles, and threatened species of sea turtles in the region. Darek is also the Animal Welfare Consultant for the Masarang Foundation.

Darek teaches Animal Studies at the Sydney Institute of Technology. He has studied animal behaviour and psychology at Macquarie University, and is a guest lecturer for various Indo-Pacific expedition voyages and works as a guide for associated eco-tours.