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Sarah van de Scheur
Vice President / Director

Sarah has always had a passion for primates, and hoped she would one day walk alongside the great apes of the rainforest. She followed her heart and in 2011 made her first trip to Borneo. Not only did she come face-to-face with orangutans, but also met renowned primatologist and environmentalist, Dr Birute Mary Galdikas. Needless to say, it was a life-changing experience and her heart has belonged to Borneo ever since.

Sarah returned to Borneo soon after for a month as an OFI construction volunteer, and upon returning home became a volunteer for OFI Australia, helping to coordinate fundraising events, education programs, and marketing and communication campaigns.

Passionate about animal welfare and conservation, Sarah is a communications and marketing professional with over 13 years’ experience across not-for-profit, community and healthcare sectors.