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$100.00 / year

Cute and cuddly Kobe was rescued in 2014 by Dr. Biruté Mary Galdikas. When she first arrived at the Care Centre, she was very young. Kobe is a fast learner, adaptable, and easy-going. She impresses her care givers with the confident way she embraces her rehabilitation.

Kobe is a free-spirited orangutan, outgoing and full of life. She is quite independent and truly “a person of the forest.” She has a healthy appetite and is fond of most fruits. She never passes up an offered treat, especially the delicious guavas and pineapples she enjoys so enormously. Her beautiful, shiny coat and muscular body attest to her good health.

“Seize the Day” is most certainly Kobe’s motto. As soon as Kobe emerges from her sleeping enclosure, she immediately seizes anything within reach. It doesn’t matter what. It can be grass or mud, and she even tries her hand at art work by drawing lines in the sand. Kobe walks proudly by herself but she sticks relatively close to her caregiver, Ibu Leti. As she gets to the Learning Forest, she wastes no time finding a pool of muddy water, her “forest jacuzzi”, where she joyously splashes around in her blissful mud bath. Even though she has plenty of friends to play with, Kobe prefers her own company. A look of contentment crosses her face as she absorbs her forest surroundings.

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  • By becoming an Orangutan Foster Parent, you will help care for the displaced and orphaned orangutans at the OFI Care Centre and Quarantine (OCCQ) facility, during their rehabilitation back to the wild.
  • As a Foster Parent you will contribute to providing the medical, dietary and emotional care that the orangutans need to thrive.
  • Standard Foster Kits are $100.00 each. Please add $15.00 postage if you would like your standard foster kit & 6-monthly updates posted to you. Please note – postal kits are only available within Australia.
  • Each Foster Kit includes an electronic kit about your orangutan including biographical information, a frameable certificate, photos and updates on their progress every six months.
  • Deluxe Foster Kit includes the standard Foster kit plus an Orangutan Plush Soft Toy and postage/handling