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In the tranquil surroundings of Camp Danielle, sweet Holland is awash in her own small oasis, safe from all the troubles of the world. Here it easy to forget the tragic circumstances of her arrival as an orphan whose mother was killed. Luckily, Holland is always focused on the present and living in the moment. During the wet season there are plenty of small bodies of water for her to splash around in. She dips her hands in the water and spins them round as fast as a boat propeller. This activity, naturally, soaks her from head to toe. She clambers over to a tree and hangs low upside down to drip dry. She isn’t finished with the water quite yet as now she breaks off some branches and dips them into the water.

Soon enough Holland becomes peckish. She abandons her tree near the water and begins to hunt for fruit. She knows all the best places. Holland is now one of the older infants which puts her in a special position with the youngsters who look to their “elders” for guidance. She is relatively big and capable for an infant and finds herself followed by younger male orangutan Kuba who wants to see what she is doing. He sticks closely to her, silently asking questions like why and where, as she forages. Orangutans in rehabilitation are known to imitate what they see others doing, so Holland makes an excellent teacher. Once Holland is full, she decides the lesson is over but Kuba isn’t done yet. He becomes overeager and as Holland tries to climb a tree, he pulls her back down to the ground. If she is annoyed, she doesn’t let it show as she tussles with him. Kuba rolls over backwards releasing her as Holland extricates herself and climbs away into the trees. Her tolerance is a welcome sign of her relative maturity and good nature.

Once she is up in the trees, she is there to stay. Even as it rains, she remains there. Her caregivers know her preferred spots and can keep an eye on her. Eventually when Holland is craving milk she will come back to camp and allow herself to be taken to her sleeping quarters. Holland’s serenity and open heart continue to expand and blossom. There is still a way to go for her before she reaches the stage when she can return to the wild, but all signs point to a vibrant future.

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