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February 2020 – Tommy

There has been a world of change for Tommy of late. He has been moved from his familiar home Pondok Dua over to a new Pondok (camp) where he has started the next stage

August 2019 – Tommy

Some orangutans have thick and long, luscious ginger hair flowing down the body. Others are less well-endowed and seem to have an eternal bad hair day. Six months ago, Tommy had finally grown a

February 2019 – Tommy

A stray coconut falls to the floor unnoticed by all but one orangutan orphan. From his sleeping enclosure Tommy already has his laser-like sights set on it. He waits patiently until it’s time to

August 2018 – Tommy

Walk toward Pondok Dua (Camp Two) and you will likely hear the sound of clapping. The noise isn’t to show appreciation for a stellar performance. It is Tommy, a sweet juvenile orangutan, signaling that

February 2018 – Tommy

Tommy is still small compared to his peers, but he is rapidly growing and a full set of hair adorns his head and arms. Tommy’s primary caregiver, Pak Denni, thinks of Tommy as his

August 2017 – Tommy

Tommy has made tremendous progress over the last 6 months. Although not the biggest orangutan among his peers, he is strong and has a good appetite. He especially loves mangoes and has a knack

February 2017 – Tommy

As the months have gone by, Tommy has remained one of the smaller orangutans among his peers. However, in no way has this faltered his development in manoeuvring himself through the forest during daily

August 2016 – Tommy

Tommy is a sweet natured and shy infant orangutan who enjoys being in the forest. Each day when Tommy is taken to the infant playground, he immediately leaves the playground and bounds off into

February 2016 – Tommy

Sweet natured Tommy is continuing to grow and explore! These days inquisitive Tommy prefers to explore the forest on his own. But he is still a sociable young orangutan by nature and will come

August 2015 – Tommy

With big inquisitive eyes and a playful, yet gentle, nature, Tommy is slowly maturing into a good-natured orangutan. A sociable fellow, Tommy loves the company of others. When on daily release in the forest,