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August 2020 – Ryan

Ryan continues to grow and demonstrate his perspicacity daily. A release with Ryan can be a hectic affair. It can be a little disorientating as he is as fast as lightening. On daily releases

February 2020 – Ryan

With orangutans actions always speak louder than words and through his actions we get to know Ryan very well. Over the last six months Ryan’s self-confidence has only grown stronger. He is not a

August 2019 – Ryan

After making a big change last year that saw Ryan move from his familiar facility (Pondok Dua) to Pondok Medang, you would expect him to take his time and gently feel his way into

February 2019 – Ryan

Moving house can be one of the most stressful times for anyone. Packing everything up and moving to a strange new area can play on one’s mind. That being said, some adjust better than

August 2018 – Ryan

Ryan is handling his juvenile years in healthy orangutan fashion: with vim and vigour! He has a longer, leaner body and is using newfound strength to climb farther than ever before in the Learning

February 2018 – Ryan

Ryan continues to be quite the entertainer of the Learning Forest, bringing much laughter and joy to his caregivers. He likes to climb high, hang from vines by one leg, and use his free

August 2017 – Ryan

Ryan has made excellent progress over the last 6 months. He maintains a healthy weight for his age, loves milk and food, and has strong arms and legs. He seems to have challenged himself

February 2017 – Ryan

As the procession of caregivers and orangutans from Pondok Dua make their way out to their daily forest release, Ryan’s eyes turn upward towards the canopy. Within minutes, he’s among the highest trees, swinging

August 2016 – Ryan

Ryan is an infant orangutan with a happy disposition who enjoys playing in the forest. Full of energy, Ryan lives life to the full. Not one to let the grass grow beneath his feet,

February 2016 – Ryan

Little Ryan has certainly grown in the last few months into a sweet and boisterous orangutan! Playful and energetic, Ryan can be rough and tumble as he plays with the other orangutans or in