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August 2020 – Jeffrey Junior

Jeffrey Jr continues to be an inventive and resourceful orangutan. If he is presented with a collection of branches and leaves, he will arrange them into various patterns on the ground. These are the

February 2020 – Jeffrey Junior

Jeffrey Jr is a happy and energetic little orangutan. From time to time he does suffer from the seizures that have been with him since his arrival. Thankfully they are very infrequent now, but

August 2019 – Jeffrey Junior

Today a lone small orange figure sits on the wooden boardwalk leading away from Camp Danielle, the infant nursery. He looks around taking in the forest around him. He eschews the playground where his

February 2019 – Jeffrey Jr

If Jeffrey Jr were to compile a résumé, he would definitely be able to say he works well with others. He is a great team player. Jeffrey Jr doesn’t let anything get past him.

August 2018 – Jeffrey Junior

The infant playground at Camp Danielle is always a hive of activity with orangutans left and right, above and below. The wild calls to Jeffrey Junior. If he’s not playing in the Infant Playground,

February 2018 – Jeffrey Junior

The past months have been kind to Jeffrey Junior and he is developing at a fine pace. He has put on an encouraging amount of weight and maintained good health since his challenging arrival