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August 2020 – Kobe

Kobe’s keepers will proudly proclaim Kobe is the fastest orangutan in all of the Care Centre (out of 300 if the wounded wild orangutans being treated for their injuries are included). They enjoy seeing

February 2020 – Kobe

On a hot day Kobe is looking for a way to cool off. During the dry season that can be a hard task. She finds the shade of the playground a good starting point.

August 2019 – Kobe

A ripple of “oohs,” sound out amongst the caregivers at Pondok Dua as they let Kobe out of her sleeping enclosure. Kobe is a very wilful orangutan and recently she has been known to

February 2019 – Kobe

“Seize the Day” is most certainly Kobe’s motto. As soon as Kobe emerges from her sleeping enclosure, she immediately seizes anything within reach. It doesn’t matter what. It can be grass or mud, and

August 2018 – Kobe

Kobe is one of the shyer orangutans at the OFI Care Centre, but her curiosity always gets the better of her. Normally hidden in the corner of her sleeping enclosure at the end of

February 2018 – Kobe

Over the past months, Kobe has maintained wonderful health, partly due to all the delicious bananas and pineapples she enjoys enormously. Milk is also provided to the juvenile orangutans to help them get the

August 2017 – Kobe

Kobe has not let us down in terms of her development over the past six months. She was already an amazing climber but continues to become even more confident in the trees. She has

February 2017 – Kobe

There has been no sign of dampening in Kobe’s love for climbing during daily releases. Over the months she has continued to improve skills and techniques for this important activity. This also includes her

August 2016 – Kobe

Kobe is ‘Little Miss Independent’ and loves her time to explore and play in the forest. This little orangutan sure knows what she wants and goes for it.  Kobe very much enjoys exploring the

February 2016 – Kobe

“Queen” Kobe continues to reign supreme over the forest during her daily play time! Little Kobe relishes her time in the forest to play and forage for tasty leaves. Already she knows the leaves